Prerequisite: Engineering Robotics II

Note: This course is eligible for college credit if taken as a two hour block class.

The Engineering and Robotics program prepares students interested in Engineering and Technology focused careers to use computer software and hardware based processes to solve problems on in engineering, manufacturing and business.

Course Content Goals: As a result of their learning, students will be able to:

  • Design and build capstone engineering problems chosen by the student
  • Act in a leadership role to facilitate smooth operation of the robotics lab R
  • Specify, order and set up about new robotics technology chosen by the student
  • Students will work in teams to design, construct, and operate an automated robotic work cell that will produce a product of their choice.

Course Activities: This program provides a great hands-on experience for students interested in computer programming, electronics, computer aided manufacturing (CAM), material science, and machine tool operations. Articulated college credit may be available. More information is available at

This course qualifies for math related credit and Visual, Performing, or Applied Arts credit.